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Arthur Jonath

Dr. Arthur Jonath

Dr. Jonath founded Arthur Jonath Associates (AJA) in 1991. AJA was originally formed to assist in solving quality, productivity improvement, supplier development and technology transfer problems. He earned BS and MS degrees in Engineering at MIT, and obtained a PhD in Materials Sciences at Stanford University. He spent the first half of his career in research at the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratories. In 1983 he was a founder of Visic, a semiconductor start-up, and later VP, Reliability & Quality Assurance for VLSI Technology, Inc. Subsequently Dr. Jonath and AJA have provided technical and management services to a broad range of companies, from start-up to Government Laboratory to Global 500 pharma, electronics and instrument companies.

Dr. Jonath’s background also includes implementation of total quality and customer satisfaction systems. He has served on the board of directors, as CEO or as Technical Advisory board member of several other start-ups. He has taught at the graduate level and was a founding member of the Manufacturing Advisory Board, School of Business, San Jose State University. He currently serves as interim COO and Board Member respectively on two technical start-up companies in Silicon Valley and is on the School of Engineering Advisory Board, Stanford University.

Fred Khorasani

Dr. Fred Khorasani

Dr. Khorasani is a management consultant and industrial statistician. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from Kansas State University. His academic experience includes associate professor of statistics, Head of the Statistics Department and Associate Dean of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science. He followed that with a distinguished nine years in the semiconductor industry for Fairchild Semiconductor, Signetics Corporation and Intel Corporation. Since 1988 he has been consulting with and teaching in companies such as VLSI Technology (now Philips), Altera Corporation, Cypress, Elontec, Sierra Semiconductor, Samsung, Applied Materials, Sandia National Laboratories, EKC Technology, Unigen, Emcore MODE, Hewlett-Packard, Schlumberger, JDS Uniphase, Virtual Silicon Technology and ALZA.

Dr. Khorasani provides training workshops and consults on wide range of process and product development, process and product characterization and optimization, and other process/quality/reliability related topics. His paper entitled "The Changing Philosophy of Quality and Productivity from Basic Inspection to Taguchi's Idea's of Robustness" was selected the best technical supplement paper of 1990 by The Electronics Division of The American Society of Quality. Dr. Khorasani’s expertise and emphasis is on practical approaches to problems rather than academic. His work has resulted in six- and seven-figure annual savings to several companies.

Bob Lowry

Mr. Robert K. Lowry

Bob Lowry received the BS degree in Chemistry from Stetson University and the MS degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University. He worked in the semiconductor manufacturing industry for 32 years, at Radiation, Inc., Harris Semiconductor, and Intersil Corporation. For the last nine years at Harris and then Intersil he was Senior Scientist in charge of the company’s Analytical Service Labs. Mr. Lowry’s current focus is in the areas of medical devices, analytics, hermetics, and counterfeits.

Mr. Lowry has extensive experience in applying advanced materials analysis tools to characterizing microelectronic materials and processes. This experience ranges from selecting raw materials for manufacturing processes, to characterizing the full extent of wafer fabrication and plastic/hermetic assembly processes, to finished goods characterization including product reliability and failure analysis studies. Among the analytical tools useful for these studies are SEM/EDX, TEM, FIB, Auger/ XPS, SIMS, AFM, FT-IR, IC, ICP-MS and related spectroscopic methods, thermal analysis of materials, and RGA/mass spectrometry. Mr. Lowry holds 13 US patents in microelectronic materials and has published over 60 technical papers in these areas.

Richard Goldwater

Dr. Richard Goldwater

Arthur Jonath is pleased to announce that Richard Goldwater, MD of Newton Centre, MA has agreed to join AJA as Principal Investigator.

Dr. Goldwater’s training in medicine and long practice of psychiatry have informed his understanding of motivation and interaction in personal and business life. Rather than the traditional doctrines of adaptation or “meaningful relationships”, in his view the center of psychology is the creation and gestation of a self-concept from the elements of experience. Psychotherapy serves to assist the birth and the developing life of a “self”, as the sum of the life roles one plays for and with others.

At Columbia College in New York City, Dr. Goldwater was careful to balance pre-med science studies with the liberal arts, leading to the conclusion: The Second Law of Thermodynamics is the Rule of Rules, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the Role of Roles. With his development of Roles and Rules™ during nearly four decades of distinguished practice, Dr. Goldwater provides business and other leaders a format for creative resolution of tension in rendering decisions.

In joining AJA, Dr. Goldwater will apply his discoveries for bringing the power of subjective analysis to the solution of objective problems facing our clients.

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