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Courses-Workshops-Needs Analysis-Mentoring

Topics covered covered using these methods include:

Graphical Data Analysis
Taguchi's Methods
Reliability Data Analysis
Moisture, Myths, and Microcircuits
Measuring Process Capability
Leaks, Outgassing, and Permeation Issues in Hermetic Packages Including MEMS
Long Term (Years to Decades) Maintenance of Internal Ambients in Hermetic Packages
Statistical Concepts and Methods for Process Control and Improvement
Concepts, Strategies and Methodologies for Experimentation
Medical Device Reliability
A Business Model for Success
Implementing Executive Plans
Measurement System Capability Analysis
Sample Size Determination in Manufacturing & Inspection
Counterfeit Electronic Devices and Their Detection
program management
2 day MBA

This is just a brief overview of what we can offer for your staff’s professional development. Please
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