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AJA's practice focuses on Product & Business Development, Organizational & Productivity Improvement, & Technical Problem Solving:

Product & Business Development

New opportunities and business development
Product and related process development
Market analysis for new product introductions and start-ups
Converting technical data to sales collateral
Technical support for sales initiatives
Due diligence for venture capital
Intellectual property evaluation
Expert witness

Organizational and Productivity Improvement

Problem Solving & Root Cause Determination
Shadow management at all levels of the enterprise
Operational assessment: technology, process, quality, and management
Determining key success factors; prioritizing supporting business processes
Supply chain implementation and management
Quality protocols and initiatives supporting company goals and images
Reliability: modeling, predictions, improvement methods
Failure analysis capabilities (internal and external resources)
Optimizing FA approaches and managing resources
Improving quality and reliability in manufacturing and engineering
Customer service/returned material functions
Foreign language services

Trouble Shooting & Problem Solving In Your Facility

Recent activity for clients has included:

Root cause identification & corrective action for yield issues, reliability problems and product failures
Information technology corrective actions
Business culture & climate: assessment and modification
Chemical and environmental effects on electronic components and products
Moisture measurement, effects, and control
Hermetic enclosure internal gas analysis measurement, interpretation, & control
Contamination identification and control
Advanced materials analysis methods and resources
Counterfeit electronic component avoidance and identification

Application Areas

Materials & Processes
Military and aerospace electronic components and systems
Medical device electronics and materials
Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing
Printed circuit board manufacturing and quality assurance
Nanotechnology & MEMS Packaging



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