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Arthur Jonath is pleased to announce that Richard Goldwater, MD of Newton Centre, MA has agreed to join AJA as Principal Investigator. Dr. Goldwater’s training in medicine and long practice of psychiatry have informed his understanding of motivation and interaction in personal and business life. With his development of Roles and Rules™ during nearly four decades of distinguished practice, Dr. Goldwater provides business and other leaders a format for creative resolution of tension in rendering decisions. In joining AJA, Dr. Goldwater will apply his discoveries for bringing the power of subjective analysis to the solution of objective problems facing our clients.



AJA consults on problem solving/root cause analysis, customer service, software, technology transfer, product & business development and start-up management issues. Since 1991 we have learned to help companies see the benefits of operating as an integrated whole.

We provide an international clientele focus on:

Efficiency - Doing things right.
Efficacy - Doing right things.
Innovation - Doing new things.

All profitable activities benefit when each part of the organization
understands and measures how these drivers play together.

Arthur Jonath Associates has a unique combination of skills, talent and expertise. Together we have over 100 years experience in solving management, technical, production and quality problems in several industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instrumentation and process equipment. We use our principals and senior associates to assist in solving your specific problem efficiently, with the minimum of time and resources. We are able to cover the full spectrum of problems from management effectiveness to the chemistry of a failure mechanism. To learn more about who we are see Principals. Please Contact us if we can be of service to you!

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